Type 2 Portable EVSE Electric Car Battery EV Charger plug Portable EV Charger With LCD Screen 3.6KW 7KW

The IEC 62196 Type 2 Portable EVSE Charger is undoubtedly the best choice for electric vehicle owners who prioritize convenience, safety, and efficiency. Its compatibility, portability, ease of use, safety features, charging speed, and durability make it a standout product in the market. Invest in this high-quality charger to enhance your electric vehicle charging experience and enjoy the benefits of sustainable transportation.


Product Detail

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Electrical Performance

Rated Current 16A / 32A
Output Power 3.6kW / 7.4kW / 11KW / 22KW
Operating Voltage National Standard 220V, American Standard 120 / 240V. European Standard 230V
Operating Temperature -30℃-+50℃
Anti-collision Yes
UV Resistant Yes
Protection Rating IP67
Certification CE / TUV / CQC / CB / UKCA / FCC
Terminal Material Copper alloy
Casing Material Thermoplastic Material
Cable Material TPE / TPU
Cable Length 5m or customized
Net Weight 2.0~3.0kg
Optional Plug Types Industrial plugs、UK、NEMA14-50、NEMA 6-30P、NEMA 10-50P Schuko、 CEE、National Standard three-pronged plug, etc.
Warranty 12 months/10000 Mating Cycles

1. Rated current: 16A/32A(Single phaseRated Power: 3.5KW/7KWOperation voltage: 250V)
2. Rated current: 16A/32A(Three phase)
3. Rated Power: 11KW/22KW
4. Operation voltage: 380V
5. Contact Resistance: 0.5MQ Max
7. Terminal temperature rise: <50K
8. Mechanical life: no-load plug in/out>10000 timeslmpat ofexternal force: can afford 1M dropCoupledinsertion force: 45N<F<100N
9. Insulation resistance: >500MQ(DC500V)

Product Features

★ Unique Appearance
Portable EV chargers are designed to be versatile and can be used in any environment, including outdoor settings such as humid coastal areas or subzero regions of -40°C.


★ Sturdy structure, resistant to crushing
The chargers Portable EV charger series feature a sturdy and robust structure that can withstand potential crushing or impact.

★ Waterproof, not afraid of rain soaking
Portable EV chargers have exceptional waterproof performance, making them resistant to rain and water exposure.

★ Strong compatibility, adaptable to all EV models
Portable EV chargers are compatible with all electric vehicle (EV) models. They accurately couple with the vehicle's PWM signals, ensuring a smooth and efficient charging process for any EV on the market.

★ Stable Performance, Very Low Failure Rate
Portable EV chargers have been rigorously tested for various charging scenarios, benefiting from the company's 13 years of EVSE experience. They offer stable performance with a minimal failure rate, providing reliable and consistent charging for your EV.


★ Perfect Protection Mechanism, Safe To Use
The chargers portable EV charger series are equipped with a comprehensive protection mechanism to ensure safe usage. They incorporate all the necessary safety protocols, providing peace of mind during the charging process.

★ Full-Link Temperature Monitoring
portable EV chargers feature full-link temperature monitoring, which continuously monitors the temperature along the entire charging circuit in real-time. If the temperature exceeds the preset value, the charging process is immediately terminated, ensuring safety and preventing overheating.


★ TypeA+6mA DC
portable EV chargers comply with the latest North American and European leakage protection standards (Type A+6). They are designed to terminate charging within 30ms if the DC leakage current exceeds 6mA, providing high safety performance and protecting against potential electrical hazards.


All our products have obtained certifications such as TUV, UL, ETL, CB, UKCA, and CE, ensuring their safety, efficiency, and stability.  Certification is a high recognition of product quality and performance, ensuring that your electric vehicle charging equipment meets the highest standards of safety and reliability.


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