Tesla plug Portable EV Charger EV Charging Cable 16A 32A/40A IP67 Portable EV Charger

This Tesla model has a color LCD for users to view charging parameters such as current, charging time, temperature, and other EV charging information. This model can be equipped with different power plugs, such as CEE, Schuko, BS, NEMA, etc., to ensure it is suitable for all markets worldwide.


1. Rated Current:16A/26A/32A/40A
2. OperationVoltage:110V/240VTerminaltemperature
3. Insulation Resistance:>1000MΩ(DC500V)
4. Withstand Voltage:2000V
5. Contact Resistance:0.5mΩ Max
6. Terminal temperature rise:<50KInsulation

Product Detail

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Electrical Performance

Rated Current 16A/26A/32A/40A
Operating Temperature -40°C to +55°C
Storage Temperature -40°cto+80°C
Input Voltage Output Voltage 96-270VAC
Insulation Resistance >500MΩ DC500V
Contact Resistance 0.5 mΩ Max
Withstand Voltage 2000V
Flammability Rating UL94V-0
Mechanical Lifespan >10000 Mating Cycles
Casing Protection Rating IP67
Casing Material Thermoplastic
Terminal Material Copper alloy, silver plating + thermoplastic top
Cable Certification UL
Warranty 12 months/10000 mating cycles

Product Features

★ Suitable for use in all environments
Portable EV chargers are designed to be versatile and operate effectively in a variety of environments, including outdoor environments such as humid coastal areas, and even extreme sub-zero areas with temperatures as low as -40°C.

★ Sturdy structure, resistant to crushing
The chargers in the Portable Electric Vehicle Charger series feature a rugged and durable structure that is highly resistant to crushing or impact.

Tesla plug Portable EV Charger With LCD Screen (3)
Tesla plug Portable EV Charger With LCD Screen (4)

★ Waterproof, not afraid of rain soaking
The portable electric car charger has impressive waterproof capabilities, making it highly resistant to rain and water.

★ Strong compatibility, adaptable to all EV models
Portable EV chargers are compatible with all electric vehicle (EV) models. They accurately couple with the vehicle's PWM signals, ensuring a smooth and efficient charging process for any EV on the market.

★ Stable Performance, Very Low Failure Rate
Portable EV chargers are generally compatible with various models of electric vehicles .They ensure an efficient and low failure rate charging experience for all electric vehicles on the market.

★ Perfect Protection Mechanism, Safe To Use
Over and under frequency protection.Over Current Protection.Leakage Current Protection (restart recover).Over Temperature Protection.Overload protection (self-checking recover).Ground Protection and Short circuit protection.Over voltage and under-voltage protection .Lighting Protection.

Tesla plug Portable EV Charger With LCD Screen (5)

★ TypeA+6mA DC
Our portable electric vehicle chargers are specifically designed to comply with the latest North American and European leakage protection standards.



All our products have obtained certifications such as TUV, UL, ETL, CB, UKCA, and CE, ensuring their safety, efficiency, and stability.  Certification is a high recognition of product quality and performance, ensuring that your electric vehicle charging equipment meets the highest standards of safety and reliability.


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