CCS2 IEC 62196 DC EV Plug Connector Charger 80A 125A 200ACCS Combo 2

The CCS2 EV Plug is designed for high-power DC EV charging applications. It offers superior power delivery, safety, and user convenience. The CCS2 EV plug is compatible with all CCS2-enabled electric vehicles and is approved for public and private charging networks.


1. Rated Current: 63A/80A /125A /150A /200A/250A
2. OperationVoltage: DC 1000V
3. Insulation Resistance: >1000MΩ(DC500V)
4. Withstand Voltage: 3000V
5. Contact Resistance: 0.5mΩ Max
6. Terminal temperature rise: <50KInsulation

7. DC Max Charging Power: 127.5KW

Product Detail

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Electrical Performance

Rated Current  63A-250A
Rated Voltage 1000VDC
Insulation Resistance 500MQ
Withstand Voltage  4500V
Elammability Rating  UL94V-0
Plug Lifespan  >10000 Mating Cycles
Protection Rating IP67
Temperature  Rise  <50K
Operating  Environment Temperature -30℃-+50℃
Insertion & Withdrawal Force <140N
Liquid Cooling System Power   Consumption
Base Structure Material PC
Plug Material PA66+25%GF
Terminal Material Copper alloy, electroplated silver
Coolant   Medium  Water + Ethylene Glycol Aqueous Solution /Dimethicone
Coolant Capacity  Approx. 2.5L(5m cable)
Coolant Pressure Approx.3.5-8bar
Coolant Flow Rate 1.5-3L/min
Heat Exchange  Rate 170W@300A          255W@400A        374W@500A         530W@600A
Liquid Cooling System Noise Output <60dB
Warranty 12 months/10000 Mating Cycles

Product Features

Easy Operate
A simple design, which can be easily installed in any vehicle compatible with it, eliminates the need to purchase complicated adapters. This simplicity makes the charger a perfect choice for individual consumers or commercial fleet operators that are looking for a hassle-free charging experience.

★ Moisture-proof
EV plugs adopt terminal over-molding technology. Make the product less susceptible to moisture, even charging electric vehicles at the seaside, it will not be affected by air humidity.


★ Durable Design
Integrated coating process and crimp termination ensure it is durable over time. This makes it a good investment for consumers. In addition, the modular design allows the replacement of any individual component if required, further extending its lifespan.


★  Safe Charging
Safety is a top priority when designing Type 1 AC EV Plugs. They feature various safety features such as overvoltage and overcurrent protection. These safety features are designed to protect against electric shocks and avoid damage to the electrical system of your vehicle.

★ Environmental Friendly
The product is packaged with recyclable materials. Promise to use one ten-thousandth of the annual profit to give back to society and plant trees for afforestation.

★ Air/Liquid Cooling
EV Plug can be combined with liquid cooling technology or air cooling technology to meet higher current requirements. ZL liquid cooling EV cable adopts a special copper-clad water structure. When the product is more slim and lightweight.


All our products have obtained certifications such as TUV, UL, ETL, CB, UKCA, and CE, ensuring their safety, efficiency, and stability.  Certification is a high recognition of product quality and performance, ensuring that your electric vehicle charging equipment meets the highest standards of safety and reliability.


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