Jiangsu ZL new energy technology attend 2023 CPSE exibition


ZL Always stays at the Forefront of Supercharge Technology. Thus far, ZL's latest research and development products have all been showcased at this exhibition.

Empowering the Industry Ecosystem, Presenting Full-Chain Solutions With three years of dedication to the charging and swapping field, ZL has become one of the first new energy companies to comprehensively deploy supercharging and energy replenishment business. ZL emphasizes that charging is an ecosystem-based industry, requiring not only excellent technology and products but also efforts in application, operation, and service. Adopting an open and win-win approach, ZL plans future development.

At the exhibition, ZL's energy booth also demonstrates tailored full-chain solutions for different scenarios: high-speed highways, parks and buildings, and homes and private structures. ZL can provide customers with exclusive customized solutions, Collaborating with Industry Partners to Create a High-Quality Charging Ecosystem.

The charging industry has entered a phase of high development prosperity. In the future, it needs not only companies that enter the market with technological innovation, but also cooperation among industry partners to jointly promote the industry's development towards higher value. ZL will share and leverage resources with high-quality partners, and exert respective advantages to engage in deep cooperation in the charging industry development. Agreements of cooperation have been signed with professional institutions such as South German Certification & Testing (China) Co., Ltd., ETL US Standards Technical Services Co., Ltd., and TÜV SÜD (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. ZL will collaborate with these accredited organizations to promote safe and leading charging plug products and service systems to the global market.

Through participating in the 6th Shenzhen Charging and Swapping Exhibition, ZL has showcased leading products and core technologies in the charging field, and engaged in in-depth exchanges and discussions with numerous industry partners. In the future, ZL will continue to focus on innovation in charging technologies and solutions, while promoting industry collaboration alongside product research and development. ZL will vigorously advance the charging industry towards higher efficiency and value, collaboratively building a high-quality charging ecosystem with more industry partners. We strive to support the vibrant development of the domestic charging industry, providing users with more convenient and efficient charging services.

Post time: Sep-19-2023